Our Story

Don't let the name fool you. We are a lot more than just fish. Check out our catalog, its guaranteed to have you hooked! 

Fish Yard is a family-owned local company that was inspired by a love of fishing. Our enthusiasm for fish drove us to places known and obscure, and we pride ourselves in bringing an extraordinary assortment of caviar from the sea to your steps.

After immigrating from Ukraine, cofounder Yuri Kolbasyuk developed a sincere appreciation for fishing, and an insatiable taste for caviar. Yuri kept this love alive throughout his life by fishing whenever possible, even while raising his five children. As his children all grew up and built careers for themselves, he was able to enjoy the luxury of fishing more often, and shared his fresh delicacies with friends and family.

After being told, “This is the best caviar/fish I’ve ever had!” for months, Yuri’s youngest daughter, Michelle, helped him turn his life-long dream into a reality. The two started out by working side-by-side to handpick and deliver the finest fish to their new family: their customers. 

In just a few short years, Fish Yard has become a one stop shop for all of your culinary needs. They have expanded to include not only new customers around the country, but the best ingredients from around the globe. Their love for high quality gourmet products has led them to discover products imported from the finest Italian Artisans, which they work to bring to you. 

Fish Yard takes pride in delivering the freshest quality ingredients across the nation, and sharing part of their family with yours.